Fancy Stuff & Pretty Things


Hello there.

My name is Ashley and I like fancy stuff and pretty things.  As I’ve somehow wandered into my 40’s (how the hell did THAT happen???) I’ve become interested in a lot of things that escaped my interest in years past: Fashion, art, entertaining, decor and delicious/healthy foodie things.  In my young teens I was REALLY into fashion.  I used to get all sorts of fashion magazines and rip out the editorial shots and ads and slap those suckers up on the wall.  With tape.  It didn’t make my Mom real happy, but I was a rebel.  Then I became a real teenager and was only interested in boys and hanging out with my friends…

My 20’s were…  fuzzy.  Yeah, I don’t really remember that much about my 20’s.  I really enjoyed the party goer lifestyle.  Party, party, party!

My 30’s were freaking HARD.  I had a few kids and experienced some really major life changing events.  So.  I was happy to see that decade go.  Yo, smell you later 30’s.  You SUCKED. 

I think because my 30’s were so damn hard I wasn’t really freaked about turning 40.  Honestly, I am way more comfortable in my own skin now than I ever have been.  Do I have a perfect yoga bod?  Hardly.  I have kid war wounds and things aren’t where they used to be.  That’s OK though.  My plan is to age gracefully and avoid plastic surgery at all costs.  Have you noticed that all those women who get plastic surgery tend to look like lizards?  Gross.  I might be coerced into trying Botox…  I have a tendency to furrow my brow when thinking and those lines are getting deeper.  GAH.

Many of my favorite “lifestyle” blogs are written by younger uber glamorous hotties with amazing bods and terrific looks.  Cupcakes and Cashmere and What I Wore, anyone?  Nothing bad against those lovely ladies.  They are totally awesome and while I can always garner something from their posts, I just don’t think they speak to me fully.  ME.  I am a 40 year old mom/wife/full-time worker with a not so amazing bod and some wrinkles.  I also have gray (grey?) hairs.  Hence, why I am going blonde.  The blonde hides those bitches. 

How is this blog going to be different than ALL. THOSE. OTHER. kergillions of lifestyle blogs?  It’s not, except this one is for old ladies with kids.  But, I am pretty funny…  So, there’s that.  I also make up words.  Mainly, I just want to document my personal style as I glide gracefully though the years.  OK, it probably won’t be graceful.  My nickname in high school was “Grace” because I had none.  Perhaps they should have called me Trip.  

I’m also doing this so I’ll start taking photos again with my real camera again.  I’ve been so lazy.  The iPhone is such a crutch for lazy people who want instant gratification.  Like me.   Speaking of iPhone pictures…

Girlie girl and moi.  She can wear yellow.  I can't.  Make me jealous.
Girlie girl and moi. She can wear yellow. I can’t. Makes me jealous.