40 + Style

Maximum Love

As soon as warmer weather rolls around I ditch the pants. Huzzah! I do not sit around in my underoos though… Nope. I know what you were thinking… I wear dresses and skirts ALL summer long (doot doo, doot doo, doot doot doo doo). No nekkie, nekkie here.

I absolutely love maxis. Maxi skirts, maxi dresses, maxi pads. Kidding on that last one. It’s like wearing a nightgown out of the house. On purpose. And not only is it socially acceptable, it’s in style. What is better than that? A muumuu. That’s what. However, I refuse to don the muumuu until I move to heaven’s waiting room: Florida. It’s a coming. Oh yes. It is.

I recently scored some major deals on a few maxi dresses at The Gap. YES! One of the dresses was one that I typically would never have tried on because I didn’t think it would flatter my figure, which is curvy. I have big boobs and some junk in my trunk. Vertical stripes, you guys. Those can be VERY scary. I was feeling brave (i.e. trim) that day and decided to give it a whirl. Turns out I was wrong. It was flattering not fattering.


This is what I wore to work on Tuesday, more or less. My necklace was thicker, my shoes had buckles, but you get the gist. The office where I work is meat locker cold, so I generally wear a sweater of some sort all the time. Yes, even when it is 97 degrees outside. I threw a white 3/4 sleeve cardigan on with it so I didn’t die of frostbite. I live in the Jackie/Clare cardi from J. Crew Factory. They are cotton and come in a bunch of colors. Plus, you can often get them on sale. I refuse to pay full price. I’m frugal.

Is this an earth shattering outfit? Nope, but it is cute and über comfy.