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Buy Some Damn Art – Lulie Wallace

Over the last few years I’ve become more interested in art. I’ve always loved art, but it seemed so out of reach to a mere mortal, like me. While we were in our last house I admit that I just gave up on decorating. We never intended to be there for very long, but ended up staying there for 7.5 long years. The house was about 900 SF not including the heinous, but mostly finished basement. I resented that damn house and didn’t want to sink another dollar into it. So, it was poorly decorated out of spite.

Almost 3 years ago we moved into our third home. I have told my husband repeatedly that I will never move again and the only way he will get me out of this house is in a body bag. That last move almost sent me to the loony bin. We went from 900 SF to 2,750 SF. Zoinks. I’ve slowly been decorating. These things take time my friends. And money. Plus, I’m a perfectionist and I want things just “so”.


I have a lot of wall space in this house. My goal is to fill it up with unique and original art. You can get some amazing original art for not a whole lot of cashola. Why slap some boring Pottery Barn print up on the wall when you can get an original for the same amount of money? Have you priced out framed prints? Those suckers can be expensive.

I have purchased pieces at art shows and galleries, but I prefer finding pieces at estate sales. You can score some AMAZING deals at estate sales. Another thing to do is find an up and coming artist. Strike now if it something you love. The more popular the artist becomes the more expensive the art gets. Pinterest is a great place to find up and comers. Another great place to discover artists is via art blogs. The Jealous Curator is one of my favorites.

Artist Lulie Wallace is on my short list. I don’t know what it is about her style but I like it. From what I can tell, she only paints flowers, which is not something I’m usually drawn to. I generally like my art more abstract/modern. In addition to painting, she designs textiles and wallpaper, which she also has in her shop. Below are a few paintings I’ve been crushing on. At $200 a piece they are very affordable.