40 + Style

Dear J. Crew, You Are Killing Me. Quit it.

On Friday during lunch, I ran over the mall, oh…  Excuse me…  Somerset Collection.  They do not like being referred to as a mall.  Although, technically it is a mall.  Many stores contained in a large outer casing with fountains, escalators and annoying teenagers wearing Lululemon leggings as pants = MALL.  Sorry Somerset Collection.  Do the math.  You is a mall, honey.  You a fancy one, but you is still a mall.

OK, let me gather myself and my proper English grammar again. *ahem*

We are good to go.

I needed to run into the MAC store to pick up a some eyeshadow that I ran out of and to try on some summery lipstick shades.  Everything I have is too dark. Anyhoo, I stopped into J.Crew on my way.  How could I NOT stop?  It was on the way.  The escalator lets you off right in the front of the store.  I mean, come on…

My God, you guys…  I want ALL the things.  I wanted to roll around naked in all the glorious, glorious, cute clothes.  I didn’t, but, hooooooooo boy, I wanted to.  Luckily, they were out of my size in many of the things I was lusting after.  Phew…  Spending spree averted.

Of course I did do a little surfing when I got home…


1. Short Sleeve Denim Shirt (Holy fricking cute, right?)
2. Rugby Stripe Dress (I’ll take any or all of the colors.)
3. Ratti Electric Kiwi Tank
4. Classic Link Necklace
5. Thistle Print Pop-Over
6. Jeweled Collar Short Sleeve Shirt
7. Not online at the moment.  This would look amazing on some svelte chic with long limbs and tiny boobs.  That is not me.  There is no way in hell I could wear this, but I can admire it from afar.  Real, real afar.