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An Old Lady’s Fashion Field Guide: How to Wear Neon

So, neon is back. Again. I thought it would die after last summer, but no. It is still kicking. You guys… If you keep feeding it, it will never leave. Quit it. I’m of the belief that if you are old enough to live through the revival of a fashion “trend” that was questionable in the first place, you shouldn’t do it again. I did the neon thing already. I also used to wear my hair in a side pony tail. I choose to do neither of those again.

Some of you are thinking “Screw you, Ashley. You aren’t the boss of me!” I get that. Hey… The quickest way to get me to do something is to tell me that I can’t do it. I’m a rebel. Let’s say YOU are rebels too. Fine. You are rebels. You are going to wear neon again come hell or high water. OK, OK, OK… But let’s keep it classy. OK, ladies?

The key here is moderation. Everything is OK in moderation. Even neon. You are allowed to wear one piece without looking like a ridiculous fool. However, the caveat here is that it isn’t one large piece of clothing. Unless you are wearing it while jogging so you don’t get mowed down by a car. Then by all means do it up, girlfriend.

What about two pieces? You could get away with, if it is done right. Be careful. This has to the potential to go bad quickly. Teenagers could snigger at you. I could snigger at you. Go small. Go subtle.

What about three pieces? WHOA, WHOA, WHOA… SLOW DOWN THERE RAINBOW BRITE. YOU ARE NOT GOING TO A RAVE. No. This is strictly forbidden. NIEN.

So. How does a lovely lady in her forties wear neon? Like this… With accessories, jewelry and piping. That is how you do it. BAM.


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