40 + Style One Wardrobe Piece Styled Four Ways

One Key Wardrobe Piece Styled Four Ways: Red Pencil Skirt

For today’s example of how to style a key wardrobe piece, I used a J. Crew pencil skirt in red. If you don’t own a pencil skirt I urge you to drop everything now and run out and get one. Or two. Seriously. These things are versatile.

Why are you still here?


I actually own several of this one from the J. Crew factory store. It is the best. The cut is incredibly flattering and the pockets provide a little forgiveness if you have a flubbery mid-section, like me. Kids. Need I say more? Plus, pockets! Am I right? I love skirts and dresses that have pockets. It makes me want to put so many things in them. Like gum! And business cards! And money!


Here’s the link to the board on Polyvore where you can find all the information about each piece I used.

So, go buy a red pencil skirt now…

Go on…