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Blinging it Up Without Breaking the Bank, Babe

I love the big, fun, flashy statement necklace trend. Accessories, especially a killer necklace, can really MAKE an otherwise blah outfit. The thing is though, some of that jewelry is really expensive. I’m not going to lie here… I’m a frugal gal and I have a hard time spending a lot of cashola on costume jewelry. I mean it is FAKE. Am I right?

I’m crushing hard on two J. Crew necklaces, but I just can’t bring myself to drop the sort of cash that they require.  Imma gonna stalk them and perhaps I’ll score them on sale. I’m working on a contingency plan though, in case they never do, or sell out before going on sale. That shit drives me batty.

The necklaces on the left are the expensive J. Crew ones that I love and the ones on the right are some similar, less expensive options.  The original J. Crew ones are by far superior quality.  I’ve seen them, touched them, licked them (kidding) and fondled them lovingly.  They are sturdy and made well, but they are $138 and $168.  That hurts.


1. J. Crew – Tortoise Flower Necklace
2. BaubleBar – Tortoise Link Strand
3. J. Crew – Classic Link Necklace
4. J. Crew Factory – Factory Gold Plated Chain Link Necklace

I have no clue how the quality is with the BaubleBar stuff, but at $34 and free shipping to and fro I’m willing to give it a shot. I love me some tortoise-shell. The J. Crew Factory jewelry is hit or miss. Some is of a nice quality and some is cheap. I ordered a couple of pieces online that I ended up returning because of the crap factor, however, I have other pieces that I have bought in the store that are great.

Here are a few more pieces that caught my eye, or my money.


1. BaubleBar – Neon Alaqua Bib
2. J. Crew Factory – Factory Bead and Crystal Necklace
3. J. Crew Factory – Factory Multi-Color Chandelier Necklace
4. BaubleBar – The Heartbreaker Bib
5. BaubleBar – Noir Ursula Collar
6. J. Crew Factory – Factory Neon Crystal Fan Necklace

I own 2, 3 and 6 and approve of this message.