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Looking For Studs, Yo

Here’s the dealio… Up until just recently I was a die hard white gold/silver wearer. For life, yo. But then I started diggin’ the whole statement necklace thing (sparkly!) and a lot of them are gold. I’m a little anal about my metals matching: My jewelry, my handbag hardware, my belt buckle. It’s all got to match. It’s a personal problem. I am aware of my issues. Yes, they are dumb.

I’ve been sourcing some gold studs (hee hee… sourcing studs) or smallish gold earrings to go with my gold bling, so I can match. Maybe it is OCD. I don’t know. Please excuse me I have some very important counting and hand washing to attend to… If you are wearing a big blingy statement necklace you need to pare down the earrings. Go subtle. Otherwise you risk looking like a fortune teller. Or a hippie!

Here are a few pretties that I rounded up. The problem is that I have to wear real gold or my ears will have a massive reaction and crust up and then rot off. It’s not pretty. A lot of these are not real gold but are damn cute. Perhaps you can wear them without the fear of getting ear leprosy. Imma gonna have to pass. Lame.

My faves are #4 (Arrows by Jennifer Meyer) and #9 (Flowers by Kate Spade). I kind of want every piece of jewelry that Jennifer Meyer has designed. Gah. Love.


Here’s the linky loo to the Polyvore board so you can see where these all came from.