40 + Style Weekend Wears

Weekend Wears

Hope y’all had a lovely weekend.  Mine was mellow.  The fam went out of town and I hung around and did some lady stuff: Yoga, smoothie drinking, lady date, shopping and a True Blood marathon. Hello free HBO weekend…  I lead a highly exciting life.

I met a friend for lunch on Saturday at a relatively new restaurant in Birmingham, MI called Social.  It’s been open for a bit over a year and is FANTASTIC. This is not the first time I have been.  We did dinner there a while back. Both times = Two thumbs up.  Do it.  They have outdoor dining as well as a rooftop area. Sadly, the roof was full, but outside was lovely.   It was perfect weather for dining outside.

Here are my wears…


Dress – J. Crew
/ Necklace – J. Crew Factory

I ended up scoring the dress on major sale.  Woo!  I love nothing better than getting a really good deal on something that I adore.  I’m a frugal gal and that shit just gets my motor running.  It’s been marked down to $39.99 in the J.Crew stores, plus they have had the extra 25-30% off thing going on.  Yay!  I received SO many compliments on that necklace too.  It about gave me an ego problem…  Sparkly goodness, fo sho and it really funs up the dress.  See, how I make up words?  It just happens.

Sunday I kicked it around town.  Ran some errands.  Did some stuff.  Did some things.  Wore some kicking it clothes.


Shirt – J. Crew Factory
(50% off the store this weekend!). Woo!

I decided to pick up few pieces of cheap gold jewelry at Forever 21 (41). I figured, hey… What the hell. Why not? I threw a bunch of gold necklaces and bracelets on with the outfit to bling it up.  They didn’t rot my skin or turn it weird colors, so I consider that a win.

Have a great day and stay classy!