40 + Style One Wardrobe Piece Styled Four Ways

One Key Wardrobe Piece Styled Four Ways: Striped Pop-Over

I play with techno geek paper dolls (i.e. Polyvore) to make these examples on how to style key wardrobe pieces and end up talking myself into needing certain pieces of clothing. But do you see how many ways you can wear this shirt? Key pieces, yo! They are all magical and stuff. Man, I need to stop. The shirt is from J. Crew. I know… You are shocked.

I’m working on building up my own wardrobe again after losing some L.B.s and I’ve made the decision to do so with only quality pieces. I’m willing to spend a bit more if I know 1) it is made well, 2) it’s a classic piece that won’t go out of style and 3) it looks great on me. Quality not quantity. Yet, I will never stop being frugal, so I shop the sales whenever possible. It physically pains me to pay full price.


Here’s the link to the Polyvore board where you can see where everything came from.

Have a great day and stay classy!