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Buy Some Damn Art: Teil Duncan

I discovered Teil Duncan a few months back. I was futzing around on the Internet, stalking one of my other favorite artist’s blogs and that artist had a link to Teil’s site. I clicked through and immediately got incredibly excited. Which, is a rare occurrence. A lot of art just makes me go “meh” and fails to move me. Here’s the thing… Art is personal. What I like, you may hate and vice versa. I get that. It’s OK. Everyone is different.

I want my art to make me happy, so I love bright colors. I don’t want dark, moody pieces in my house. I’m easily depressive as it is. I don’t need any help bringing my mood into Bummersville. Got it? I also generally prefer abstract pieces, so, I was incredibly surprised that I liked her work as much as I did. She paints people. People? I don’t like no stinking people in my art. What the what?

Teil has done several series lately that have just rocked my world. She has a whole bunch of nudies and beach scenes. I missed out on my favorite nudes. I was on vacation and my wifi was piss poor and I couldn’t make the purchase. LAME. However, I continued to stalk her and picked up a beach painting. Stalking is necessary when it comes to art, yo. Stalk the artist’s blog, website/store, Instagram, whathaveyou so you can be informed about new pieces coming up for sale.

Teil sells her pieces in her shop on her website and is very easy to do business with, plus she is very communicative and professional. Best? She takes credit cards! Here are some of my favorite paintings by Teil.






This last one is the one I bought. It’s being framed right now and I can barely handle the wait. It’s absolutely stunning in real life. It was also used in a photo shoot for Society Social Furniture.  Her work is amazing and she is one to watch for sure. Don’t say I didn’t warn you… She is going places. Fast.

I saw on Instagram that she is working on a bunch of small beach paintings, so don’t fret if everything is sold out in her shop.  Give her a few days to post her lovelies and keep stalking her site.  Her smalls are very affordable:  $140 – $250. 

Have a great day and go buy some damn art!