40 + Style One Wardrobe Piece Styled Four Ways

One Wardrobe Piece Styled Four Ways: Boyfriend Jeans

Yes, even old ladies can wear boyfriend jeans. I love, love, love mine. Almost every jean maker seems to make them now. I have the Gap Sexy Boyfriend and it is a great option, especially if you don’t want to spend a lot of cash. (Whenever I say that it makes me think of Long Duck Dong from Sixteen Candles saying “Sexy American Girrrrrrlfriend”.) I think I got mine for a bit over $14.00 because Gap always marks stuff down and then throws that additional 40% off of sale business around. Thank you Gap. I’ll take that one, that one and those…

They are perfect for kicking around town, and fat days. BEST FAT DAY OPTION EVER! Stupid period. Also, they can totally be dressed up for a fun night out. I even wear mine in the winter with textured socks and booties. I didn’t show that as an option because I’m focused more on the warmer weather looks at the time. You know because it’s summer… And this is not a haute couture (gesundheit!) blog.

One Key Wardrobe Piece Styled Four Ways: Boyfriend Jeans

I used a pricier option for my example here, but that it only because Gap doesn’t have good cut outs of their clothes so I can play with them on Polyvore. Here’s the link to the Polyvore board.

Here’s also an old lady selfie of me wearing my Gap Sexy Boyfriend jeans…


Old Lady Selfie

Let’s be clear…  I’m never going to have amazing editorial photos of me on this here blog.  I’m old.  I’m flubbery.  And I’m awkward in front of the camera.  SO VERY AWKWARD.  The smile that occurs is so bad…  So, on a rare occasion I will post a selfie.  That’s all I can do. 

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Have a great day and stay classy!