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Buy Some Damn Art: Hollie Chastain

Yes, I have another southern woman artist to share with you. No, I have no clue why all I seem to like is art by the southern ladies… What does it mean? What DOES it mean? Double rainbow!

Hollie Chastain is an artist from Chattanooga, TN. Her medium is paper and she makes amazing collages. I’ve got a thing for bright colors and geometric shapes and she tends to incorporate both in her pieces. I cannot imagine how long that it takes her to create each piece because they can be very detailed. She meticulously cuts each piece of paper into the necessary shape, adheres it to the foundation and creates some really, really interesting art by doing so.

Like these…






I actually have one of the limited edition prints of this dude above. I fell in love with him immediately, but wasn’t able to buy the original. I’ve had him hanging in my kitchen for about three years. He makes me really, really happy.

Hollie Chastain sells both original pieces and prints in her Etsy shop. She also sells originals in her shop on her website, plus she has links to the galleries that sell her work. She was very good to business with. She shipped my piece immediately and packaged it very well so it arrived in pristine condition.

Have a great day and buy some damn art!

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