One Wardrobe Piece Styled Four Ways

One Key Wardrobe Piece Styled Four Ways: Denim Pencil Skirt

Happy Independence Day to all of my fellow Americans! I promised myself that I was not going to subject y’all to the whole red, white and blue thing. That’s overdone and lame. I’m not one to theme dress. Never have. Never will. I’m a rebel like that. Besides, you guys clearly want to see some “One Key Wardrobe Piece Styled Four Ways” outfits, am I right? I can tell you that based on my stats, that is what you are after. Geez, you pin a few things on Pinterest and it spreads like wildfire. Which is awesome and I’m glad you guys like them.

The skirt I used is from Zara and is only $59.90. It’s part of their new collection, so it’s in stock. I wish we had a Zara here in the Detroit area. The closest one to me is in Chicago or Toronto. Sigh… Every time I visit a city with Zara I go a little crazy. The overall style, selection and pricing is just too good to pass up. I had a pair of black boots from there that I finally had to retire this past fall after 10 years of service. I cried a little when I threw them out. We went through a lot together.

So, anyhoo… Enough about me.

I love denim pencil skirts. Heck, I love pencil skirts! They really are flattering, even on the curvy girls. You can dress them up or down if you pick a dark denim. You will be more limited with a light denim fo sho. Choose wisely. Choose dark. Plus, the dark denim is slimming. Just saying…

One Key Wardrobe Piece Styled Four Ways: Denim Pencil skirt

Here’s the link┬áto the Polyvore board so you can see where all the items are from. I kind of went a little crazy with the designer bags and shoes. A girl can dream, right? As always, these are merely for illustrative purposes.

Have a great day and stay classy!