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Buy Some Damn Art: Michelle Armas

I fell in love with Michelle Armas’s work several years ago. It was love at first sight. I’m sure many of you are familiar with her work, as she is a favorite on the design blogs. Her work has been featured and sold by Anthropologie and her wrapped canvas prints are frequently available on One Kings Lane.

She sells some pieces directly on her website and others are sold by a multitude of galleries. Despite her notoriety, her smaller pieces are very affordable. Her 18 x 18 and 16 x 20 pieces are only $200.00. FOR A BEAUTIFUL ORIGINAL PIECE OF ART. She goes in phases where she will paint a bunch of stuff, including smalls for her site, then she will take a break. I know this because I have stalked her site for over two years. I am an art stalker and I make no apologies for it.

When she does post her smalls they fly, so if you are interested in her art follow her blog and sign up for her newsletter. And stalk her site. Gregg Irby Fine Art is one of the galleries that carry her work and generally have a large number of her paintings at any given time.

I am fortunate enough to have two of her paintings. They are both small. One is 16 x 20 and the other is 18 x 18 and I adore both of them. They are just amazing in real life. They are textured and filled with many layers. I cannot recommend an artist any more than Michelle Armas. Her work is simply amazing.

This is the one my hubster bought me for my birthday after a frantic text. “Oh my God I need this painting… Please, please, please buy it for my birthday! PLEASE!!!!”


I framed it with a simple floating frame, as you can see from my amazing iPhone photo. (I’m too lazy to use my real camera.)


I picked this one up earlier this year. It makes me happy. I framed it the same way. I’m simple.


Here are some recent pieces of hers that I love.





Can you tell that I love red and teal/turquoise together?

Have a great day and go buy some damn art!