40 + Style

White Done Right

I’m embracing white this summer. I love the crisp, clean, classic look of it. I’ve always been afraid of wearing white though because of my extreme klutziness. No matter how hard I try I somehow find a way to wear my food, spill my coffee, smear lipstick or get ink on whatever I wear. Plus, when I was heavier it made me feel like a hippo. I decided to ignore my fears and have bought several white blouses AND a pair of white jeans this summer.

While I adore a classic white shirt and am of the belief that everyone needs at least one in their wardrobe, they are pretty plain. I rounded up a few different white shirts that have a little something-something going on that make them interesting. At least, I think they are. Maybe it’s just a popover, or tiny polka dots, but it sets it apart.

And… Only one is over $100. I’m looking at you jewel collar.


1. Top Shop via Nordstrom – Geometric Lace Shirt
2. J. Crew Factory – Factory Oxford Popover
3. Zara – Lace Top
4. Top Shop via Nordstrom – Draped Surplice Top
5. J. Crew – Tilda Rhinestone Top
6. J. Crew – Oxford Boy Shirt in Polka Dot
7. Zara – Top With Edged Hem
8. Zara – Top With Pleated Front

Have a great day and stay classy!