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Wednesday Wants

Oh, Internet… You make window shopping so easy. I can browse the stores as I lounge on my couch in old, ratty ass shorts and T-shirt with a bleach stain. Internet don’t care. Internet loves me no matter what I look like. Heck, I could be a 400 pound sketchy dude for all you know.

I’ve rounded up a few recent wants of mine. Some are likely purchases and some are highly unlikely purchases, unless I win the lottery. I’m looking at you polka dot dress. Dang, I hope I win the lottery… That polka dot dress!!! I DIE.

Please enjoy.

Wednesday Wants

1. J. Crew РKeeper Chambray Shirtdress
(I’ve been looking for a new chambray dress and this one just may fit the bill. I shall stalk thee and swoop once on sale. Oh yes. I shall.)
2. Marni – Azalea Full Moon Dress
3. BaubleBar – Teal Teavaro Pendant
4. Madewell – Sidewalk Skimmer in Calf Hair
(I seriously need to try these on because I use them in almost every “one key wardrobe piece styled four ways” posts. It’s a sickness.)
5. Madewell – Square Hoop Earrings
6. Coach – Madison Phoebe Shoulder Bag (I need a brown bag.)
7. Madewell – Dotted Pin Stripe Shirt (Dots and stripes? Yes, please.)
8. Sophie Hulme – Leather Tote (A dinosaur charm! It’s too expensive! Not going to happen!)
9. J. Crew – Linen Colorblock Dot Top (Need.)

Have a great day and stay classy!