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Buy Some Damn Art: Teil Duncan Part Deux

Intranet, I introduced you to Teil Duncan a couple of months ago. You remember, right? Come on, she is unforgettable! GEEZ, you guys…  Pay attention.  I recently found out that she is selling prints of some of her most popular paintings. If you missed out on the originals, which sell VERY quickly, you can now pick up a print. One of the prints is of the painting “Beach Talk”, which is the one that I bought. Ahem.  (Insert shit eating grin here.)

Beach Talk - Teil Duncan


Sorry for the crappy iPhone picture. I have it above my lady shrine (a.k.a. my vanity) and smile, jump up and down, and clap my hands like a giddy imbecile every time I see it. And squeal. Yup, there is squealing too.  I am in love with it.

So, scoot on over to Teil’s site and go buy some damn art!