40 + Style One Wardrobe Piece Styled Four Ways

One Wardrobe Piece Styled Four Ways: Updated Baseball T-Shirt Sweater

I’ve always loved old school baseball t-shirts.  Think “Bad News Bears”.  (Dear young people, Google it.)  Yes, I am a child of the 70s.  What gave it away?  I like how J. Crew took that look and both updated and fancied it up for the ladies.  One version is so fancy it even has a jeweled collar.  Told you I need a Bedazzler.

Is this sweater mainly for more casual days?  Yes, but if styled right you could wear it to the office as well.  Maybe not an uber conservative (think Wall Street) office, but certainly to your more business casual offices.  Like mine.  So…  Yeah.  Guess I need this sweater.  And also, a coffee beverage counts as an accessory.  It has been written.  New rule.

One Wardrobe Piece Styled Four Ways # 21

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