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New Jersery Shore and New York City in Crappy iPhone Photos

Last week the family and I made a whirlwind trip to the Eastern seaboard and New York City. We spent a couple of days in Wildwood, New Jersey where we frolicked in the Atlantic ocean and experienced the boardwalk. Fried Oreos, friend pickles, fried strawberries. You get the gist. I scared the crap out of myself on some rides and ate Mr. Softee ice cream. That shit is GOOD. You can feel the fat coating your tongue.



After Wildwood, we headed into New York City. I was a titch nervous about driving in, but the Mister and I worked great as team. I navigated (thank you Google maps) and he drove. He did not run over any pedestrians or bike messengers, or get hit by a cab. Success. My children were fuhreaking out as soon as they saw the skyline. My son was literally shaking from excitement as we drove in. I had visited once before, so knew what we were in store for.

We stayed at the Waldorf-Astoria. We got a really good last minute rate and totally lucked out. What an amazing hotel. The staff was wonderful, service was phenomenal and it was just a flat out beautiful hotel. The art deco details throughout the hotel are just amazing. AMAZING. I’m so glad we stayed there as opposed to some newer hotel with less character.  We snuck into the Grand Ballroom to take a little look see around.  As you can see it was horribly ugly.



The one thing that I wanted to accomplish when in NYC was visiting MOMA (The Museum of Modern Art).  I am an art lover you know.  I would have love to hit up a few more museums, but there wasn’t enough time.  Plus, I don’t think my kids could have handled it.  They were fine with one, but two would have been pushing it.

I had no idea that Van Gogh’s Starry Night was there and almost cried when I saw it.  It was a moving experience.  How amazing to finally see the original piece that I have seen so many places throughout my lifetime.  Humbling.



I was floored at the size of several works.  I had NO idea this Matisse was so large!  And Monet’s Water Lilies is ENORMOUS!  It’s like the size of three billboards end to end.


We did do some super touristy stuff as well…  Like a carriage ride in Central Park.  Hell yeah we did!  Our driver was incredibly friendly, and it was a fun experience.  My daughter saw a homeless man sleeping on a park bench and I had to talk her down.  She was terrified.  Poor little sheltered thing.



And we went to Chinatown.  My kids eyes were as big as saucers.  HA!  We ate our cheapest meal of the trip there, or so we thought…  Until we realized that we spent $45 in car fares to get there and back.  The food was amazing and so were the looks on the kids faces when they saw dried sea cucumber.  It stunk to high hell.  My daughter was horrified by so many things.  She was not a fan of the meat in the window at all.  Oh, the look of disgust was priceless.



We are easily amused.

I loved being able to take the kids to NYC for their first time and experiencing it with them.  They LOVED it.  I can’t wait to go back (with a million dollars).