40 + Style One Wardrobe Piece Styled Four Ways

Shopping in NYC

I know what you are thinking… But, did you do any shopping while in NYC?

Duh. Yes!

Did I do a lot? No. I had the hubs and the kids with me. This trip was about the family, not me, so I limited my desires. I knew that there were several stores I had to hit and Zara was one of them. Man, I hate not having a Zara in Detroit. It makes me nuts. I did some searching on the Interwebs and Zara is doing a massive global expansion, however, the number of stores that they are opening in the US is a very small part of that. Do you know why? It’s because Americans are fat and they would have to completely redesign their product for the US market.

Obesity is bad.

I’m apparently a big ol’ fatty at a size 8/10 and found that I needed a large in most of their clothing. Not all. I did buy a skirt in a medium, but had to wear an extra-large in any of the coats I tried on. So… Yeah… ‘Merica just doesn’t fit. Most of the items are not even made in an extra-large.

I could have done some serious damage, but I was trying to maintain some sort of fiscal responsibility.

I did pick up a coat. The pictures don’t really do it justice. It’s very cute in person and going with that whole moto trend, but is navy with brown piping, so equestrian at the same time. No really. Moto equestrian is totally the next big thing.

Coat FrontCoat Back

I also picked up this houndstooth sheath skirt. It’s sassy and good for work, without being another boring black skirt.

Skirt back Skirt front

I also discovered Uniqlo while there. The store I was in was enormous. I could have been in there for hours. There was inexpensive cashmere everywhere! I picked up a couple of fall dresses for cheap. Quality-wise, I’d say it’s on par with H&M, but design-wise similar to Gap. Is the stuff going to last forever? Nope, but costwise it’s a no brainer. I got this gray dress, which is a great basic and only $29.90. It will be good for work, casual days and travel.

Gray dress

Don’t worry, I’ll zhush it up with some awesome accessories and footwear. Like this…

One Wardrobe Piece Styled Four Ways: Gray 3/4 Sleeve Dress

I also picked up this cotton flannel shirt dress. Add tights, boots and a belt (or not) and you are done. BAM!  Bring on fall!  I promise you that it doesn’t look like a flannel nightgown on.  Oh, and I wore a medium in the dresses and a medium or large in the shirts. You never can tell where I’m going to end up with these boobs.


Have a great day and stay classy, chicks!