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Buy Some Damn Art: Kate Mullin

Happy Friday!  I swear these short weeks are harder on me than the full weeks.  Man I’m about done in…  I actually had intended on publishing this post this morning, but life got away from me.  I generally create posts and the graphics (outfits) in the evening and then schedule them to post in the early AM when I am typically arriving at work.  This whole back to school routine has me rattled.  Lunches?  Someone has to make lunches?  GACK.  There is so much more to do and be accountable for.  Like riding children to do homework and shower.  Why do children not want to bathe?

So anyhoo…

I wanted to share artist Kate Mullin with you.  Surprise, she’s another southern artist.  I don’t know what it is about these ladies from the south, but somehow I am drawn to them.  Kate paints a lot of different subjects, but I am really drawn to her barn series and her landscapes.  She sells her pieces in her online shop.  I hope you enjoy her work!  The pink barn is my favorite.

Kate Mullin - Landscape 2 Kate Mullin - Landscape Kate Mullin - Orange Barn Kate Mullin - Pink Barn

Go check her out!