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Fashion Field Guide: Camouflage

Can we talk about this whole camouflage infiltrating fashion thing that is going on?  Oh, it’s a THING.  It’s really happening.  And I’m not just talking about camouflage cargo shorts from Old Navy or Gap.  We’ve got fancy smanchy fashion designers all over this camo trend.  I think that you know me well enough by now to know that I am not one to jump right into some fly by night trend.  I prefer the classics, yo.  Additionally, I just can’t get behind camo.  You see, I grew up in Idaho, which is full of hicks and rednecks, so when I see camo it triggers thoughts of growing up there.  Then I have to take a Xanax and try to go to my happy place…



You don’t live there anymore…  It’s OK…

So yeah…  Camo…  I suppose, if someone held a gun to my head and said “you have to wear something camo or you will die”, I wouldn’t hate any of these items horribly.  They wouldn’t make me look like too much of an ass.  Or a redneck.


So, the key to avoid looking like an ass is to apply camo sparingly.  One item.  No more.  Do you want to fade into the forest?  No.  You are a fashionista.  You want people to notice you, bitches.  So, what I’m trying to say is…  Don’t do this.   (My darling husband captured this real live Michigander last fall.  It was date night at a McDonald’s somewhere in mid-Michigan.)

Camo - Do not do this or I will punch you in the face

  1. J. Crew – Camo Wool Scarf
  2. Whistles – Camo Jacquard Skirt
  3. Nordstrom – BCBGeneration Leather/Camo Jacket
  4. Gap – Camo Tote
  5. Zara – Printed Dress
  6. Very Volitile – Skye (via Piperlime)
  7. J. Crew – Camo Umbrella
  8. J. Crew – Camo Tee