Fluff Stuff


What up peeps?  Sorry for the almost non-existing posting last week.  I lost my muse.  I was un-mused or museless.  There I go making up words again.  Nothing was inspiring me, so I bailed.  I’m not going to force it.

I have recently found that sly little muse.  She’s a stinky little tart.  Plus fickle.  Man…  What a bitch.


I’m loving gray lately.  I’ve always floundered with the spelling.  Why are there two:  gray and grey?  Apparently in the US we spell it grAy and it Europe they spell it grEy.  Both are correct.  Here’s an easy way to remember.  America = A.  Europe = E.  Mad props go out to my 6th grade son for setting me straight.  This is just further proof that old dogs CAN learn new tricks.

Here’s a round-up of some of my favorite pieces.  They are all comfy and cozy for fall.  Like a nice fuzzy security blanket.

  1. J. Crew  – Merino Pocket Tunic
  2. Athleta – Dorset Sweater Dress
  3. Gap – Flannel Ballet Flats
  4. Gap – Fleece Pleated Dress
  5. J. Crew Factory – Factory Long Open Cardigan
  6. Zara – Basic Wrinkled Effect Scarf
  7. J. Crew – Jeweled Short-Sleeve Sweatshirt (Now on sale!!!)
  8. J. Crew – Patch-Pocket Pencil Skirt
  9. Zara – Sequined Sweater with Opening

I bought that J. Crew Factory sweater and I plan to wear it every weekend all fall/winter long. I’m pretty sure each and every outfit that I wear it with will look something like this, because I love my comfy clothes. Stretchy pants… Am I right?

World's Comfiest Fall Outfit Ever