One Wardrobe Piece Styled Four Ways

One Wardrobe Piece Styled Four Ways: Tweed Plaid Pants


Let’s just get this out there…  I have a hard time using Tory Burch items in my outfit posts.  It’s not that they aren’t cute.  They are.  It’s just that I went to one of the Tory Burch stores where I was treated so rudely by the salesperson that it left a really poor taste in my mouth.  Every time I see Tory Burch items it is a trigger and reminds me of that rude woman and I get angry.  Customer service really has gone downhill.  Like, below sea level.

OK, in the name of cute clothes I am going to try to move past this event in my life.  These cute red tweed plaid pants are Tory Burch.  I might love them.  I might hate them out of spite.  I’m not going to say.  They are versatile though…  So, there’s that.

High road.  Who just took it?  ME!  That’s who.

One Wardrobe Piece Styled Four Ways: Tweed Plaid Pants

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Have a great day and stay classy, yo!