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Buy Some Damn Art: Jon Parlangeli

It’s been a while since I’ve shared an artist with you.  I guess that means I haven’t been “wowed” by much lately.  However, that changed the moment that I saw Jon Parlangeli’s work.  I follow Saatchi on Pinterest in the hopes of learning about new artists.  That’s where I saw Jon’s work and it stopped me in my tracks.  I instantly repinned the painting I saw (first one below) and clicked through to see more of his work.

These pieces are haunting with the harsh images and the bright colors painted over top.  It reminds me of confetti.  It’s a very, very cool juxtaposition.  He’s a Detroiter too, so he gets mad props and respect from me.  Word.

Here’s a link to his shop on Saatchi and here’s a link to his blog.  I’ll be following him for sure because I want to check out his art in person.  Looks like he does a lot of local shows.

Jon Parlangeli - It's a Light Riot

Jon Parlangeli - The Draft

Jon Parlangeli - Ain't it a Riot

Have a great day and go buy some damn art!