I've Rounded Up All These Great Items to Share With You

Superman’s Cape Has Nothing on These

I want a cape.  Not a “super” cape.  I don’t need a cape for my superpowers.  What are my superpowers?  I can make really delicious cupcakes, I’m quick-witted, I have incredible gay-dar and a really good sense of intuition.  They can all come in handy at different times.  “Oh honey…  I hate to tell you this, but your new boyfriend is gay.  I’m so sorry.  Here.  Have a delicious cupcake.  I sense that you need one.”

I want a wool cape.  I’ve wanted one for several years, but haven’t made the commitment as of yet.  I love the look of them, but have been trying to find the perfect one that doesn’t make me look like I’m shaped like a mushroom, or a new age artiste (pronounced are-teeeeest) who just left a vortex in Sedona.  “Please call me Moonrise Doe River.”  Plus, it can’t be too expensive.

I was at the mall yesterday with my 8-year-old daughter and saw a very chic lady wearing a lovely one.  I should have asked where she got it, but I trying not to lose my patience with my lovely girl child who is as picky as her mother.  Do you know how hard it is to find little girl clothes that aren’t covered in sparkles, glitter, sequins or bedazzled?  Plus, they can’t be too pink.  Just a little pink.  But the pink can’t be with tan either.  They can’t be too grown up (my requirement).  Nor can they be too babyish (her requirement).  It’s a wonder that we bought ANYTHING, but we eventually found her some new clothes.


Here are some lovely options.  Some are totally unrealistic, but incredibly pretty, I’m looking at you Valentino.  Sometimes it is just fun to dream.

  1. Dorothy Perkins – Tweed Leather Look Piped Cape
  2. ASOS – Cooper & Strollbrand Cape
  3. Zara – Combination Cape
  4. Gap – Sweater Zip Cape
  5. The Corner – Mackintosh Cape
  6. Red Valentino – Button Short Sleeve Cape Coat
  7. ASOS – Jarlo Kerry Check Cape
  8. Zara – Handmade Wool Cape
  9. Warehouse – Melton Cape