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Sometimes You Need to Listen to Your Own Damn Advice

I’ve been looking for something to wear to the fancy Holiday party we are going to.  Scouring the Internet is perhaps a better description. I ordered a dress from Zara and shoes from Top Shop which didn’t work and are both going back.  Seriously, Zara.  I love you, but your sizing is all over the board.  Ugh.  I loved the quality of the dress, but it was too big and looked like a potato sack on me, and not in the good Marilyn Monroe kind of way…  I order a large, I need a medium.  I order a medium, I need a large.  Except in coats, which I have to wear an extra large because they are so tight.

What the what???

I was questing on Friday night and made a stop into T.J. Maxx, because I love a good deal.  Plus, they have that Off the Runway section with the designer clothing.  The girl child and I were digging through the racks and she made a comment about a gorgeous Diane Von Furstenberg dress being boring.  It was an amazing sheath dress with sleeves to the elbow in a bluish gray wool flannel.  Had it been in my size I would have snapped it up.

I told her “No, no, no… That isn’t BORING.  That is a classic piece that will never go out of style.  You want to stick with the classics, girlfriend.  You can zhush that dress up with accessories and look fabulous darling, simply fabulous!”  It was not until the next day while I was looking for a dress at every store in the world did it click for me…   I was trying to do something different.  I was trying on all sorts of dresses in flashy colors, etc.  But that is not me.  I’m not a flasher.  You need to know what looks good on you and stick with it.   Sheath and shift dresses look awesome on me.  The sheath shows off my curves with class.

The light bulb came on and off I scurried to J. Crew where I found a gorgeous (wool) little black dress (on major sale!). None of my other LBDs fit since I lost weight. Then I took my own advice and tried it on with an amazing necklace I have been drooling over and holy crap…  I found my outfit.  Word to the wise.  Don’t try on the jewelry in the case at J. Crew.  It is stunning and you will have to buy it.  I am never doing THAT again.

Now, all I need are some sassy shoes and I am all set.