I've Rounded Up All These Great Items to Share With You

A Gift Guide for a Real Man

I have rounded up a bunch of items that you can buy for the real man in your life.  Maybe he is your husband.  Maybe he is your dad.  When I say real man, I mean a man who reeks of testosterone.  One who can kill spiders, catch a squirrel in his hat, yet cries at Pixar movies.  A real man likes high quality, finely made items that are generally 100% wool.  No nylon or, God forbid, acrylic.  If the item is actually made in the United States that makes it even better.  These items are sturdy enough to wear in the field while hunting for small game (birds, yo),  yet refined enough to wear out and about town while drinking a coffee beverage from Starbucks.  Coffee, bitches.  None of those high falooting fancy mamby pamby drinks.  Lattes are for sissies and for the lactose tolerant. 

Except for maybe the slippers… Don’t wear those about town.

These items have been real man tested and approved. 

Gifts for a Real Man
  1. Filson – Wool Weekender Jacket
  2. Ugg – Ascot Suede Slippers
  3. Pendleton – Board Shirt
  4. Filson – Field Bag  (Real men carry toilet paper in these, so if you have to go potty in the woods you are covered.)
  5. J. Crew – Lambswool Three Pocket Cardigan
  6. Red Wing – Beckman Boots
  7. Stanley – Classic Thermos  (I’m picking out a thermos for you…)
  8. Ray Ban Sunglasses
  9. Filson – Mackinaw Wool Vest
  10. Imogene and Willie – Hank Rigid Selvege Denim