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Buy Some Damn Art: Karina Bania

I found a new artist that I am going to have to stalk.  Fair warning…  The stalking is probably going to be pretty darn intense, because I am digging her art BIG TIME.  Please enjoy Karina Bania’s lovely art work.  She has a shop on her website where you can purchase pieces.  She also is selling her work over at Mille.  I’ll take the first one please.  No really.  Hand it over.  Those colors are amazing.  It’s absolutely perfect!  I know just where I’ll hang it. 

Her art is very affordable and comes already framed.  THAT IS A BARGAIN PEOPLE!  Framing can be very expensive.  Even with a simple frame.

Check out this good stuff…

Karina Bania 1

Karina Bania 2

Karina Bania 3

Have a great day and go buy some damn art!