40 + Style Weekend Wears

Holiday Party Fun

Last Friday I had two holiday parties to attend.  The first was my work’s holiday luncheon and the second was my husband’s fancy schmancy work party in the evening.  His company rents out an enormous ballroom at the Book Cadillac in downtown Detroit and wines and dines their staff like you wouldn’t believe.  He’s not allowed to leave this employer, so we can always have a fancy holiday party to attend.  Word.

While I was visiting my in-laws over Thanksgiving we were having a blast checking out all the retro stuff the husband’s Mom has kept.  She has a real hard time getting rid of stuff, but don’t worry… she is not a hoarder.  She does tend to have a lot of expired condiments though. Anyhoo… At one point she came strolling out in a blonde mink cape and I immediately asked to borrow it.  I knew it would look FABULOUS for the holiday party.  She also happened to have long black gloves…  Is this thing not stunning?  It was given to her by her father-in-law upon the birth of my husband, so it’s special.


And because we are HUGE dorks…

Christmas Party 2

Christmas Party 1

I hate having my picture taken, but put me in a photo booth with a bunch of props and my hubs and I have no shame. Stone cold sober too.

Wearing:  J. Crew dress and necklace.

Have a great day and stay classy! Like me.