I've Rounded Up All These Great Items to Share With You

How to Survive the Winter Months

So, Christmas is over…  I hope yours was wonderful.  Mine was good.  Busy.  We hosted Christmas Eve.  So, I ate a lot of fancy cheese and other fatty crap.  However, I was running around like a mad woman, so I’m hoping the insanity helped to burn off some of the excessive calories I crammed in my pie hole.   And next week we have New Year’s Eve, which really is a non-event for me.  I’m old and no longer do that sort of “woo woo, tooting horns and confetti throwing” thing.

So…  What I’m saying is, there is nothing really to look forward to and we just have to wait out and survive the winter months.  Dear Lord, please let me make it through.  This is my LEAST favorite time of year.  It’s cold.  It’s dark.  And cold.  Did I mention it is cold and dark?  Yeah…  I live in Michigan, so winter lasts forever.  F-O-R-E-V-E-R.  You know what I hate the most?  All the stores start getting in resort/spring merchandise that I have NO hope of wearing for the next 4-5 months unless I go South.  Unfortunately, we aren’t doing Florida for spring break this year, so I don’t even get a brief break in March.

That sound?  Yeah…  That is me sobbing.

I plan to survive by wearing boots, fuzzy sweaters, scarves, layering, and wearing wool, wool and more wool.  Here are some warm items that may help me (and you other cold climate folks) to survive.  January and February are coming, you guys.  No matter how much we don’t want them to.

How do you survive?

What are your secrets?

Help a sister out.

How to Survive the Winter Months
  1.  Zara – Wool Checked Scarf
  2. Athleta – Cassidy Dress
  3. J. Crew – Wool Bomber Sweater Jacket
  4. Stuart Weitzman – 5050 Boots (I know you are tired of me talking about these boots.  I will shut up when I get a pair.)
  5. J. Crew – Collection Cashmere Long-Sleeve Tee
  6. Born – Olana Boot
  7. J. Crew – Shirttail Mini in Wool (I loved the first one I got, I bought a second one.  Bought tall size for an extra 2 inches of length.)
  8. Zara – Leopard Fur Stole
  9. Smartwool – Estonia Tights
  10. Zara – Leather Gloves
  11. J. Crew – Open Cardigan (Sold out online.  On sale in the stores!)
  12. Target – Merona Velvet Blazer  (I have this in the red, and it is actually quite nice.)