I Wore This Winter

So, This is New and Awkward

If you wear sunglasses it’s not as hard to pose for photos.  I get it now.  You guys are smart.  Since, I hate being in front of the camera this is a BIG thing for me.  I instantly turn into Awkward Nerdo.  It’s sort of like a superhero, but the exact opposite.  I’m trying to get over my perfectionism.  I will never be perfect.  I will never be thin enough.  I will never have “thigh gap”.  I will never have perfect hair.  I will never have a perfect smile.  I will never have the newest clothes/bags/shoes.  I will never be younger than I am today.  I will never be or have a lot of things.

I do have style though.

And, I’m smart and witty.

December 2013 018 small

I love excellent accessories.

Necklace small

And shoes…

December 2013 032 copy 2 small

And I’m a spaz, yo.

Sup Bitches small

So, let’s DO this.  New year.  New fun posts.

Who’s in?

Wearing:  Sweater – J. Crew (sold out online), Necklace – J. Crew (sold out online), Jeans – J. Crew Factory (Toothpick), Boots – Crown Vintage Samantha Bootie