I've Rounded Up All These Great Items to Share With You

You Don’t Need to Wear Lululemon to Practice Yoga

So, you want to try yoga, huh?  New Year.  New you.

I wholeheartedly encourage you to do so.  I have been practicing yoga for three years now and love it.  I practice vinyasa, also known as hot yoga (not Bikram, that shit is crazy).  I try to get to a class at least twice a week.  Some weeks I make it more often, other weeks I don’t make it at all.  Hello…  Period.  Am I a master yogi?  NOPE.  Am I better than I was three years ago?  Yes.  I’m fortunate that I am naturally quite bendy.  The hardest things for me are the balancing poses (stupid airplane) and inversions.  I have been known to fall over.  However, I haven’t taken anyone out with me.  Yet.  So, there’s that…


You do not need to spend a kerzillion dollars on Lululemon gear to practice yoga.  It is important that you understand this.  My favorite gear is from, wait for it…  wait for it…  Old Navy.  I do suggest forking over the dough for a good mat though.  I started out with my Gaiam mat from Target and once I started doing hot yoga, where you sweat like you have never sweated before, I had to kick it to the curb because I was slipping (on my sweat puddles).  It was messing with my chi.  I tried one of those towels that you put on your mat and that was a fail.  I about had a hissy fit in practice.  I asked my other yogis for mat advice and ended up purchasing The Mat from Lululemon.  Yes, it is expensive.  Yes, it smells like tires when you first buy it (air it out for a few days…  OK, a few weeks).  Yes, it weighs a ton.  However, it is totally worth it.  You will not slip even in the sweatiest of practices.

Below are some of my favorite items.  Go for the “bubble top” if you don’t want to show off your muffin top.  Layer with a another tank top if you don’t want your top riding up while in down dog and showing off your lily white fish belly.  Compression bottoms.  Always.  Do not stray from black bottoms my friends.  TRUST me on this one, gray is not your friend when your lady business and butt crack starts sweating.  Throw your hair up in a hair band, grab your water bottle and don’t forget your towel.  You are going to need it.

Namaste, bitches.

  1. Old Navy – Compression Tank
  2. H & M – Long Tank Top
  3. Old Navy – Adjustable Strap Sports Bra
  4. Old Navy – Compression Leggings
  5. Old Navy – Compression Pants
  6. Lululemon – The Mat Yoga Mat
  7. Those are hair bands dummy.
  8. That is a pink water bottle dummy.  Just bring water.  It can be in any color vessel.
  9. That is a towel dummy.