40 + Style I Wore This Winter

It’s a Sweater. No, It’s a Blanket. It’s a Sweater and a Blanket.

Be prepared for me to bitch about how cold it is in Michigan for quite some time.  Winter just started and we have a loooooooooooooong way to go before the thaw.  As I write this post, we are supposed to get 7-15 inches of snow and then the temperature is supposed to drop to – 11°.  That’s a negative sign before the eleven.  Unfortunately, I have experience with even worse cold.  I grew up in Idaho, where it regularly got to -20°.  We used to get “snow” days when that occurred because they couldn’t start the school buses.  That’s just one reason why I fled.

The hubs got me this awesome sweater from Peregrine Clothing last Christmas.  I bought him a sweater from there too.  Not this one.  It was a little too girlie for his taste.  The sweaters are 100% wool (most merino) and made in the UK.  It’s nice to have something that isn’t made in China, Bangladesh or some other far flung place, where there is a high likelihood that the workers are not being treated fairly.   It is a godsend during these frigid months.  It’s like wearing a wool blanket.  Toasty.

Sweater 1Sweater 3Sweater 4Sweater 2Sweater 5

Wearing:  Sweater – Peregrine Clothing, Pants – J. Crew  (J. Crew Factory version here), Boots – Born, Hat – Target (ancient), Turtleneck – H&M (ancient, similar here), Necklace and Bracelet – Vintage, Lipstick – MAC (Viva Glam I).