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Leopard and Denim

We had a glorious sunny day over the weekend with climbing temps. I think it was near 40°. The snow IS starting to melt and I saw grass for the first time since early December. Brown, dead, smooshed, ugly grass, but grass nonetheless. It’s time to start thinking about the transition to spring. Of course, as I write this we are waiting for a new storm to hit which is supposed to bring us six to nine inches of new snow. I am not amused, but I shall overcome this travesty known as Winter 2014. I am strong. I can do this. I can do this. I can do this.

So anyhoo…  Denim and leopard. They go together like Sonny and Cher (pre-divorce of course), peas and carrots, and peanut butter and jelly.  Here’s hoping I can wear more spring transitional outfits soon. Real, real soon. I am ready to retire the black puffy coat for good.

Leopard Dress - Denim Jacket 12Leopard Dress - Denim Jacket 6Leopard Dress - Denim Jacket 10 Leopard Dress - Denim Jacket 2Leopard Dress - Denim Jacket 13Leopard Dress - Denim Jacket 4Leopard Dress - Denim Jacket 3Leopard Dress - Denim Jacket 5 Leopard Dress - Denim Jacket 7

I’m wearing:  Dress – Target (old), Denim Jacket – J. Crew Factory, Necklace – J. Crew Factory, Bracelets – J. Crew Factory and vintage, Pumps – Cole Haan (similar), Bag – Coach, Sunnies – Kate Spade, Lips – M.A.C (Viva Glam 1).

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23 thoughts on “Leopard and Denim”

  1. LOVE this! One of my favourites of yours.

    Yesterday and the day before it was 14 C here. I don’t know what that is for you but it was warm. Warm enough for just a light jacket. What a delight! Now this morning…blizzard!!!

    I cannot wait for my holiday.

    Especially now since my iMac failed on me yesterday and my printer the day before. My technology is revolting on me. Everything I do now is from hubby’s laptop.


  2. OMG! I love this look on you. And your new haircut goes perfectly with the outfit. Extremely chic. And where did you find such a nice backdrop for your pics. Now that the weather is getting warmer, except for today and tomorrow and a few days next week and probably the week after that, I need to stake out new places to take pictures.

  3. I love everything about this look. I kick myself that I didn’t buy that dress way back when. You styled it perfectly with the tights, jacket, and necklace. So cute!!!

  4. oh lady, i super dooper love this outfit! i have wanted an animal print dress for ages, this one looks perfect! the denim jacket with it is such a great way to make a dressy dress more casual! Great outfit!!

  5. Awesome haircut my dear, awesome haircut. And here in the antipodes, I am craving some of that weather that you are dissing, (dissing – do you have that term there?) I am sitting here, Sunday night, first month of Autumn, with the air-conditioning set to COLD. Puhlease. Mother Nature? You and me both. Love your denim jacket. Funny, you’re wearing it, hoping for the weather to warm up, I’m wearing it, hoping for the b–ch to cool down. Just thought that was worth a mention. And I have a dog too. And 2 grown up kids. (Grown-up? Who am I trying to kid??? They still live at home. My son just learned how to cook a steak for himself last Friday. So it was a ‘milestone’ day. He’s 17.5 and the daughter is 20.5) But I am ’67 born, and that means I’m slightly more senior than you. Ahem.

  6. Ooh, I like that dress and probably would be wearing it all the time! And they do go together so well. Love your reference to Sonny & Cher – doubt my kids would get it!! And we had 65 degrees here yesterday, but it’s sleeting today. Mother Nature is being so fickle lately. Wish she would just get in a good mood and stay in one!

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