40 + Style I Wore This Spring Winter/Spring Transition

Striped Tunic Shirt & Cropped Black Pants

Sorry for the radio silence there. Me being exhausted and cruddy weather = no pictures and no posts. I was just too tired to even bother. Work has been sapping every last bit of energy that I have lately. It’s not bad, just really busy. I have a lot of projects going on. Plus, the whole time change thing really does a number on me. It takes me several weeks to recover. I’m clearly very sensitive. Although, I love, love, love the longer days. YAY, SUNLIGHT!

The weather has improved slightly here in the Detroit metro area. By improved, I mean it hasn’t snowed in four days. It has been rainy, cold and blustery though. We are getting there. I see several 50° days on the weather forecast for late next week, so I just may survive. I’ve decided that spring is here regardless of the actual temperatures and I refuse to wear any of my cold-weather clothes or boots any longer. I just can’t do it anymore. I’m sick to death of everything. They have been officially put away until next year and if I end up dying of exposure, then so be it.

Striped Shirt - Minnie Pants #1 5Striped Shirt - Minnie Pants #1 8Striped Shirt - Minnie Pants #1 7Striped Shirt - Minnie Pants #1 1Striped Shirt - Minnie Pants #1 3Striped Shirt - Minnie Pants #19Striped Shirt - Minnie Pants #1 10Striped Shirt - Minnie Pants #1 4

Wearing:  Trench – H&M (not online but in stores), Striped Tunic Shirt – J. Crew Factory, Pants – J. Crew Factory, Pumps – Cole Haan, Sunnies – Kate Spade (Della), Bag – Coach, Necklace – J. Crew Factory, Bracelet – J. Crew Factory.

Thanks for stopping by and stay classy!

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16 thoughts on “Striped Tunic Shirt & Cropped Black Pants”

  1. Must say you are looking rather classic and French here.

    I don’t know how you can go without boots or tights though. I wore a full down coat, over-the-knee fur lined boots, a hoodie, ski gloves and a balaclava when walking the dogs this morning. Oh yeah…I looked Sex-hay!

    Obviously I did not stay away long enough.


    1. Thank you! Or perhaps I should say, merci!

      I know… This weather… I just saw a snowflake or two, but I’m trying to ignore it. If I ignore it, it will go away, right?

      And what is a balaclava????

  2. Oh man, I feel ya on the winter blues! I had to be in Flint, MI for a meeting a couple weeks ago, and it just looked miserable there. Hope you thaw out and stay thawed out! But if it’s any consolation, that tunic is awesome on you! I see many possibilities for it to take you through spring and summer! Thanks for linking up!

  3. I’m loving the return of longer tunic shirts, especially the way you’ve styled it with your tidy crops and perfect lady shoes! The trench is so handy for this time of year, and they always look so good … as you and this one do here.
    You remind me. I need a new pair of great and classic black leather pumps, and it’s also a reminder why I need them! Thank you.

    1. Thank you! Try a pair of Cole Haan pumps. Thus far, they are the most comfortable pump I’ve ever worn. I love that whole Nike Air thing they have going on and you can find them on sale often or at “outlet” places like DSW, Off Saks, or 6PM.

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