40 + Style I Wore This Spring Winter/Spring Transition

Channeling My Inner Pink Lady

Happy Friday!

Please enjoy my pretty Peptobismol pink pants. Please say that five times fast. No really. Say it. SAY IT.

Also, please enjoy my dog, who refused to move. My son and I were cracking up. He wasn’t going anywhere. Jake (the dog) is going to the salon on Saturday to be groomed. He’s not generally that much of a shaggy beast, but with the cold winter we had, we wanted him to have his fur. He usually sports a field cut (i.e. he gets shaved down).

So, the weather has reverted back to a big bucket of suck this week. It’s been really cold, and it has snowed TWICE, but I refuse to comply. Mostly. I broke out my crazy cropped pink pants for a bit of color to break up the bleakness. It’s so gray. Blergh. Whenever I wear these with black, I feel like a Pink Lady, sans the sweet satin jacket.

Black Sweater - Pink Pants - Black Pumps 3


Wearing: Top – H&M (ancient), Pants – Gap (ancient), Necklaces – Forever 21 (long one) & Jane (“A”), Bracelets – J. Crew Factory & vintage, Pumps – Cole Haan, Lips – M.A.C. (Crosswires).

Have a great day and stay classy, yo!

2 thoughts on “Channeling My Inner Pink Lady”

  1. Pink and black are so classic. I love this look.

    Your dog is hilarious, and maybe a bit stubborn LOL


  2. That is one shaggy dog. He’s so cute too. I love a bright pink pant. Pant is weird to type but I think that is the correct term(???). Or, I could say, I like your pink slacks but that reminds me of a grandma and these are definitely not that!

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