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Hi friends! Sorry for the radio silence there, but I was real busy living life and vacationing with the family in Chatham, Massachusetts (Cape Cod). This was our second trip to Cape Cod and I think I enjoyed this trip better than the last. Maybe it’s because 8 years have passed and my kids are a lot more self sufficient. Or maybe it’s because the hubs’ cousin and family showed us all their favorite spots. I spent the majority of my time wearing earth muffin clothes, sans make-up and undone hair under a cap. IT WAS AWESOME!

I did make an effort to get cute for dinner one night, but the rest of the time was all about taking it easy. Real, real easy.  You can see photos of some of our fun here.

Cape Cod 005

I’ll get back to regular programming soon and I’m already attempting to detox. Blergh.

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  1. Thanks for commenting on my blog! I was reading through some of your posts last night and love your style. And you look fab in all black:). Love that you have shared your holiday look, it’s perfect for what you are doing and still reflects your great sense of style.

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