40 + Style Casual / Weekend Wear I Wore This Summer / Fall Transition

Bootie Love

No, not THAT kind of bootie you pervs… Geez. Get your minds out of the gutter.

Bootie shoes… Short boots… You know…  BOOTIES.

Booties (and boots) are my favorite part of fall. Even though it hasn’t cooled down here in the slightest and is humid as all get out (no really… check out my hair, it’s all floofery) I had to wear my booties. I missed them. I missed them SO much, you guys. Now, I know that come spring I’m going to be complaining about how tired I am of wearing them, but for now I am back in love.

I’m fickle.

Really, really fickle.

J. Crew White Pop-Over Shirt - Denim Skirt - Booties 1J. Crew White Pop-Over Shirt - Denim Skirt - Booties 2 J. Crew White Pop-Over Shirt - Denim Skirt - Booties 4 J. Crew White Pop-Over Shirt - Denim Skirt - Booties 6

Wearing: Shirt – J. Crew Factory, Skirt – Marshall’s ($6.00 score a few years back), Necklace – J. Crew, Bag – Coach, Booties – Crown Vintage.

I’m not wearing anything new. Everything here is at least one year old. See? Classic pieces are good. Buy good quality classic pieces and you can wear them forever!

Thanks so much for stopping by and stay classy my friends!


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13 thoughts on “Bootie Love”

  1. The booties look fab, and I can certainly relate to the need for change and getting fed up with seasonal wear… Isn’t autumn great, even when it seems more like summer?

  2. Yup. Love me some little wee short boots. Still too hot here (I slipped on a pair to run a quick errand, and was sorry I pushed it … speaking of slipping. Ew.) But I am plotting, and letting them see the light of day for a good cleaning, etc.
    Quite right about your classics! You look casual-fab, and are a beacon of hope for me in this outfit. I have such a time trying to wear a tailored white shirt with D cups on a small old lady. This is the year I tailor my shirts more thoroughly. I can avoid a gap, but shoulder seams and width and length need redoing. Going to ad one really good white shirt to my list then go to town on it with the Singer. See, again you inspire!

    1. I have problems finding shirts that work for me as well Jan. I’m a double D, so I totally feel you. I always wish stores made shirts in a medium and a half. Why is that not a size???

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