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So Much for Transitioning Slowly into Fall | Black Over the Knee Boots

We went from summer with 95° heat and humidity to fall with 55° temps, overnight. Holy cow, Michigan… Ever heard of easing into things? In the span of four days I had both the air conditioner and the heat on. What the what? Actually, it was the Mister who buckled on the heat. He told me the night before that I was forbidden to turn it on because it was only September and to go put on a sweater. Then he turned it on the next night. Wimp. And, yes… He DID tell me to go put on a sweater. We have turned into our parents.

Since fall decided to hit so hard and fast, I decided that I was going to wear my new over the knee black boots. Last year I really wanted a pair, but I farted around with all my hemming and hawing and missed my window of opportunity. This year I vowed not to let that happen. I tried on three pairs of over the knee boots during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and ended up going with this pair from Vince Camuto. Yay!

Where did I wear this? I wore this to work for casual Friday and then also out to eat that evening for my birthday/anniversary.

Trench Coat - Black Skinny Jeans - Knee High Boots 6 Trench Coat - Black Skinny Jeans - Knee High Boots 5 Trench Coat - Black Skinny Jeans - Knee High Boots 1 Trench Coat - Black Skinny Jeans - Knee High Boots 4 Wearing: Top – Bellatrix (via Nordstrom Rack), Denim – Joie (75% off at Nordstrom Rack!), Trench Coat – H&M, Boots – Vince Camuto, Bag – Coach, Necklace – J. Crew, Bracelet – Vintage.

Thanks for much for stopping by and stay classy my friends!


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18 thoughts on “So Much for Transitioning Slowly into Fall | Black Over the Knee Boots”

  1. Crazy weather, so what else is new? I’ve been looking for over the knees boots for a long time. I bought a pair last year and returned them. Can’t seem to find the right ones. I really like these on you. I think it helps that you’re tall. Love the necklace as well. ~Cynthia

  2. I love this crazy weather but I’m sure I will be singing a different tune when winter won’t go away next spring. I finally got to wear a sweater this past weekend. I am in love with those boots. I need to invest in a few pairs now that I can wear them.

  3. Those boots! (My favorite boots are V Camuto … they do an excellent job for the money.) Very handsome, and great with the coat. Very good look for the weather change. Still warm here, but will cool off this week in the evenings. Most of my wardrobe is in transition most of the year!
    Hope you’ll stop by my place this week. It’s an essay on badassery. You do badass as well as anyone I know, in the most polished way, of course.

    1. These boots are super comfy too. I wore them for 14 + hours the first time I wore them and no issues. I’m glad you came back. The last time you visited you didn’t link your blog and I was trying to add you to my reader. I just added you to my reader now!

      1. I always feel a little strange linking myself, but I know it’s a pain to have to chase people down, as well. Disqus via Blogger won’t even let me add any links at the bottom. I like the service very much otherwise … good thing, too!
        Ah, the pitfalls of Blogosphere PC.

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