Humbled and Honored


On Wednesday, You Look Fab published an article featuring my “style”. (You can read the article here.) I was completely blown away by the incredible write-up and the kind comments from the members of the community. I am so honored to be included in a series that has spotlighted many bloggers that I personally follow and admire. I am also incredibly humbled by the many kind and lovely comments from the YLF community.

I’d like to send a warm welcome to all of my new followers that resulted from that introduction. WELCOME! You should know that I’m kind of weird… Are you sure you know what you have gotten yourselves into?

OK then…

Consider yourselves warned.

Happy weekend!


16 thoughts on “Humbled and Honored”

  1. Today is a GREAT day! I’m glad to have made your acquaintance through YLF. I adore your style and you’ve given me some interesting ways to combine items that I already own. Your style is fresh, clean, practical (I.e. For real women with jobs, kids, and fashion budgets) and classic and with a pop of fun! I could totally wear everything you feature. Oh, and I’m not a size 2, either! Thanks for your style eye and witty blog. Looking forward to keeping up with each new installment. Cheers!

  2. I also learned about you on YLF — and really liked your style, resonated with where I see my own trending and some things I want to try out this season. I also love that you, like me, are a 40ish working mom — with short blonde hair to boot (also like me) — not trying to find a doppleganger (or be a weird and creepy stalker), but it makes it much easier for me to envision how a look might work on me with my wardrobe than someone who is radically different from me in looks, wardrobe, or life style. Looking forward to following your blog – already looked through some past posts and got some great ideas!

    1. I totally get that. I have a hard time connecting to someone who is super petite, a size 00 and who has no chest. (Ha.) Someone like that can wear all sorts of things that I can’t. Like ever. I’m like “Ooooooh pretty… Next!”

      1. Thank you – you nailed it exactly! You have also given me a dangerous introduction to the world of J. Crew jewelry, which may be my undoing. Looking forward to more posts.

        1. Thank you! I have to avoid the cases of jewelry at J. Crew because they are just SOOOOOOOOOO pretty, but expensive. I wait until stuff goes on sale, then snatch it up. They eventually do.

  3. OK: quick Q because I have been wondering (and SWEAR I’m not a stalker, have never posted two Q in a row on any other blog before): Do you have a secret/tip for getting a bold lipstick to stay put and look good for longer periods of time? I aspire to do that, but I forget, or don’t have time, or am always drinking coffee or water, etc etc. I would like to make that work – or if you’ve done a post on that in the past please point me to it.

    1. I think the thing that works best for me is to wear a matte lipstick vs. a satinn, creme or sheen. The mattes have a tendency to dry out your lips, so I always add a light coating of Chapstick first. Yes, the old school Chapstick. If my lips are a bit dry, I scrub/exfoliate them a bit to get the dryness off before I put on the Chapstick. I line my lips to get a crisp line and then put on my lipstick. Oh, and I use MAC lipstick. Always and forever. Amen. They have some GREAT matte reds: Ruby Woo is a hugely popular one, Russian Red, and my favorite fall/winter go to is Viva Glam 1.

      Hope this helps!

      1. Thanks – very helpful! I will give this a go and brave the red — will check out MAC to see if I can find a red that does not make me look like Bozo the Clown. Much appreciated.

  4. Ashley, it was an absolute pleasure featuring you on YLF, and I had a ball writing up your outfits. As you can tell, our readers adore your style just as much as Angie and I do, and they are definitely feeling inspired. Also: from now on you are my go-to source for tunics and how to wear them. I love to sport this look myself, and you manage to find all the fab ones. Have a brilliant Friday and weekend. I’m looking forward to seeing many more of your wonderful outfits.

  5. You had me at Roll Tide! Love seeing a Bama girl on line and sporting her team logo. Look forward to following your blog. RTR!

  6. Ashley, I am a long time member over at YLF and I was thrilled to see you featured. I originally found your blog via Patti’s Visible Mondays and I love your style. You appeal to the modern classic in me! Great blog, great thoughts, great photos and great outfits:)

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