I Have #FOMO

So… I made it 27 days. That’s pretty pathetic. I bought something with funds above and beyond my Christmas gift moola. I have failed my 100 days no spend challenge.

Here’s my reasoning… I have several items that I have been looking to add to my wardrobe for quite some time. I’m incredibly picky, so it takes me forever to find anything that remotely meets my needs. The item is usually “too” something: too short, too expensive, too trendy, too cheap, too frilly, etc.

One item that I have been looking to find for quite some time is a striped dress of the shift variety with three quarter length sleeves. These are harder to come by than you would think. The ones I have found recently generally fall into the too short or too expensive category. I cannot fathom the thought of paying $300 for a simple striped dress.

Somehow I discovered this striped dress, and it looked like it met all of my requirements. I originally bought it using my Christmas money, only to receive an email several hours later that it was unavailable and they wouldn’t be able to fulfill my order. Poop. So, I ended up spending my Christmas money on something else on my “wardrobe hole” list, which I’m very excited about. It’s rare to close a hole.

Several days later the dress became available in my size again… I rushed to order it and it is in transit to me right now. It may or may not fill that hole. I might have failed for no reason. If it works, super. If not, at least I know that I tried and left no stone unturned in my quest for the striped dress. If I didn’t try, this would haunt me until the end of time. No… Really. I am that mental. Either way I plan to get back on the wagon and attempt to finish this challenge up.

It’s a cute dress though, right?

If it works out you will probably see me wearing it like this.



Thanks for stopping by, and stay classy my friends.

FOMO = Fear of missing out.

10 thoughts on “I Have #FOMO”

  1. Oh well, if you are a picky shopper, then you better snap up whatever you want when you see it. because it won’t be there when you go back later, and some smug woman somewhere is wearing it instead. I’m very good at justifying impulse shopping, so the next you fall of the wagon, just let me know and I’ll help you spin it so it sounds better…

  2. you can always go back “on the wagon”…I am trying not to shop at stores, but “shop” my closet – your posts give me a lot of inspiration. I wrote on my credit card “want or need?” It gives me pause before I purchase.

  3. I think making an exception for something you have been scouting for a long time is perfectly reasonable. Plus with online purchases you never know, it might get returned. So far I’m doing good on the challenge and I’ve had some success shopping my closet and wearing things in new ways and also identifying things that were bad choices and will never work no matter how I try to style them. I didn’t realize how impulsive I have been with my purchases, UGH!!! Wasting money is not good and I need to work on that.


  4. I find no issues in you buying the dress! Technically you already bought it, but it just wasn’t available at the time (just ignore the already spent funds). I hope it fits you perfectly.

  5. I love that you just gave me an official name for my disease – FOMO! I ran across a very similar dress at Old Navy the other day, and it looked like a must-have til I tried it on…and then it definitely went in the “too-short-bound-to-be-a-wardrobe-malfunction” category. I want a review of the JCrew version!

  6. I’m probably the worst person to have around for the 100 day challenge, because I’m a lot like you, very specific about what I need in my closet so if I find it, on sale, within my budget, and checks off everything on my list, I will buy it! And don’t put yourself down like that, 27 days is amazing especially when all those end of the year, after Christmas sales are going!

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