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If You Don’t Own a Denim Jacket Yet, What Are You Waiting For?

If you have been following my blog for a while you know how much I love my denim jacket. I WEAR IT ALL THE TIME. I mean, duh. The reason why I wear it all the time is because it goes with (almost) everything. My favorite way to wear it is over a dress, instead of a cardigan. Sometimes a cardigan can look too prim and proper for the look I am trying to achieve. I know… Go ahead and gasp and clutch your pearls. A denim jacket provides the same coverage and warmth as a cardigan, but with less of a “stick up your butt-ness” feel.

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve grown bat wings, and quite frankly don’t feel comfortable with bare arms. I barely ever go bare in public, and try to avoid it all costs. I can’t avoid it at yoga. I was feeling pretty good about myself until I decided to pop into warrior two and check out my form in the mirror. Holy good sweet Lord, was that a mistake. It was almost as bad as catching a glimpse of my nekkid self in the mirror, which is another thing I try to avoid at all costs.

But I digress…

So yeah…  The denim jacket. You need one. Below are some of my favorite denim jacket looks.

J Crew Denim Jacket - Maroon Tippi Sweater - Olive Pants 6Click here to see original post.

Denim Jacket - Vince Camuto OTK Boots - Plaid Scarf 3Click here to see original post.

J. Crew Denim Jacket - Striped Dress - New Balance Kicks 3 Click here to see original post.

J. Crew Striped Dress - Denim Jacket - Maroon Vans 5 Click here to see original post.

J. Crew Eyelet Dress - Nude Zara Heeled Sandals 3 Click here to see original post.

J. Crew Striped Shirt - Zara Heeled Sandal - Black Zara Pants 2 Click here to see original post.

Leopard Dress - Denim Jacket 7Click here to see original post.

Have I convinced you yet? Yes? Good. There are a lot of great options out there. Now, scoot! Go buy one.


Thanks so much for stopping by and stay classy my friends!


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19 thoughts on “If You Don’t Own a Denim Jacket Yet, What Are You Waiting For?”

  1. Love your style – you’re such an inspiration! I love my “Kut from the Kloth” denim jacket, as it has a little stretch! I’m tired of “covering up” less than stellar body parts. Parts is parts…think of all the hugs those arms have given! 🙂

  2. So many great looks! I definitely needed to see this post because I have a denim jacket in my closet that I never end up reaching for for some reason. I’m going to make sure I wear it more this Spring

  3. I’m with you. I too adore my jean jacket. You’ve show how versatile it is here.

    You need to take some serious time to love the body you have right now. I’m getting all preachy here but in 5 or 10 years you’ll wonder what the heck you were going on about and also wonder why you weren’t walking around naked all the time.


  4. Completely agree! My husband seemed really confused by how upset I was when I (temporarily, thankfully!) lost my denim jacket last year after leaving it behind in a coffee shop… but it’s SUCH a wardrobe staple that I couldn’t live without. My favorite (when it’s warm enough) is the dress/sneakers combo, but I love how you have it with slightly dressier dresses/shoes too – especially that great little white dress.

  5. Hahaha…you kill me. I know about those bat wings. I’m working on them with boxing. The good ‘ole denim jacket, can’t live without it. I’m still getting my bearings together but let’s get together soon. I may join one of your yoga classes.

  6. I have to admit…sometimes I forget about my denim jacket! I’ll be wearing an outfit and say to myself “DUH! Why didn’t you put your denim jacket on with this?!” Thanks for reinspiring me to pull it out! Love all of your looks! – Emily @ alittlebitofem.com

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