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Do you love fall as much as I do? The colors, the textures, the boots, the pumpkin spice lattes! Sometimes it is hard to dress though, especially during the transition period. It can be chilly in the morning, then hot during the day, and chilly again when the sun goes down. During this in between phase, I like to straddle the summer and fall seasons. I wear a lot of breathable cotton, sandals if in the 70°s, and then mix in some fall colors (i.e. olive and dark orange).

In other transitional news, I start a new job today. So THAT happened. Ack! I’m excited, nervous, terrified, happy and every other emotion in the book. Everyone say a prayer and wish me luck. I’m going to need it. My 44 year old brain gets tired easy. Learning new stuff is hard.

J. Crew Chambray - Skinny Cargo Pants - Orange Longchamp Tote 4 J. Crew Chambray - Skinny Cargo Pants - Orange Longchamp Tote 1 J. Crew Chambray - Skinny Cargo Pants - Orange Longchamp Tote 3 J. Crew Chambray - Skinny Cargo Pants - Orange Longchamp Tote 2

Wearing: Chambray Shirt – J. Crew Factory, Pants – J. Crew Factory (similar), Bag – Longchamp, Sandals – Cole Haan, Necklace – Vintage, Bracelets – Vintage and J. Crew Factory, Sunnies – Dolce & Gabbana (old), Lips – MAC (Del Rio).


Thanks for stopping by my friends. It’s been a long, long time. Let’s see how long I can keep this up.



12 thoughts on “Transitions”

  1. Fall is most certainly my favorite of the seasons, too — bring on the pumpkin EVERYTHING LOL 🙂 This look is so cute on you, and I especially love the look/feel of denim in the fall.
    Congrats on the new job! I hope it all goes well 🙂 I started a new career last year, and luckily, it was the right move, but that did not make me any less nervous about the transition.

  2. Congratulations and good luck on the new job –very exciting! Glad to see you posting again — sounds like work got pretty intense for you for a while, hopefully the balance is better in this new position. Amusingly I realized I was wearing Olive, denim and orange today before I even saw your post! Guess we are all in fall mode!

  3. Nice to see you back! Good luck on the new adventure (job) – I’m sure you’ll kill it! I never thought of sandals in the fall! I’m going to get a new autumnal pedi and rock them! Thanks for the inspiration!

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