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All Black Errrr-Thang With a Denim Jacket

Black is not whack. Black is awesome.

*Mic drop*

(Fancy Stuff OUT!!! Deuces.)

*Picks mic back up*

Layer black with denim and you’ve got a match made in heaven. You guys know that I love my denim jacket. I wear it all the time. It’s a wardrobe workhorse. This thing saved my life in Paris. When I packed the weather said it was going to be in the 80°s all week, but it ended up being in the low 60°s for five of the days. I’m wearing this thing in 90% of the pictures of me in Paris.

Hey…  It’s better than a hoodie that says “Paris” on it. Yes, I actually saw some people wearing those in Paris. I was like… Really? Really? You are in the fashion capital of the world and you can’t find anything better than a hoodie to buy? Clearly, they weren’t doing Paris right.

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Wearing: Top – Nordstrom Rack (old), Jeans – Joie (old), Denim Jacket – J. Crew Factory (similar), Shoes – Tory Burch, Necklace – Madewell, Bag – Coach (old), Sunnies – Kate Spade (old).

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10 thoughts on “All Black Errrr-Thang With a Denim Jacket”

  1. You look great – another outfit idea I can re-create with what I have. BTW I ended up getting that Madewell necklace after seeing it on your blog and it is fab — I have almost no gold jewelry and am never sure how to wear it, but against black it looks great, so thank you! (P.S. If you think of it and don’t mind, would you be able to namethe lipsticks you are wearing? You always have great choices that look great, and I am trying to push out of my comfort zone to bolder colors. Thanks!)

    1. Thank you! I love that necklace too. I wear it all the time. I’m almost 100% sure I’m wearing MAC Brickola in these pictures. I like it because it is a nice red without being so in your face. I’ll try to remember to add that. Sometimes I remember and sometimes I don’t.

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