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Out of Hibernation? Maybe.

Oh, hi there…  Is anyone out there?

I’ve been hibernating pretty dang hard here in Michigan this fall and winter. I’m not a fan of the cold. OK, I hate it. This winter hasn’t even been that bad, but yeah…  Still not a fan.

I wanted to pop in to say “hi” and to rave about my new shoes. I’ve been wanting a pair of lace-up flats since early last fall, but kept putting off making a purchase because of the snow and cold. I’ve also been pondering ordering shoes from M.Gemi for a while now, but hadn’t bit the bullet. I was sent a nice coupon so I figured that I would give it a try. Free shipping to and fro’ and returnable within 14 days. I’d be out nothing if they sucked. So, I pulled the trigger…

They don’t suck. In fact, they are AWESOME. They are beautifully made. I loved them so much that I ordered another pair of shoes. I’m sold on M. Gemi. If you aren’t already in the know, M.Gemi is an online only store that offers gorgeous, handmade, Italian shoes. Each Monday they release several new styles. I have one bit of advice for you…  If you like them, buy them and DO NOT wait. The shoes often sell out within just several days. Some even sell out within hours.

If you are interested in trying out M.Gemi, I can hook a sistah up. Click this linky loo for $40.00 off a pair of shoes. The link will take you to the site, and you will see the discount applied after you add the shoes to your shopping bag. Happy shoe shopping! I wore these gorgeous shoes all day on Saturday, and then out to dinner Saturday night with friends.

MGemi Brezza Lace Up Flats 2 MGemi Brezza Lace Up FlatsWearing: Blazer – J. Crew Factory, Striped Shirt – J. Crew, Denim – J. Crew, Shoes – M.Gemi.


Thanks for stopping by! I hope all of you are well and happy.

9 thoughts on “Out of Hibernation? Maybe.”

  1. Great to see you again, and you look fabulous! I’m loving this new shoe style – they give a very fresh look to your outfit, which is kind of my standard wardrobe. Definitely need to look into these shoes!

  2. Love that you are back AND love the shoes! I don’t post comments often but I do really enjoy your blog and style. (And I completely agree with you about the winter.) I hope to see more posts but also know how busy life can be. Thank you for the coupon – I’m going to go now and check out their shoes!

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