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How to Wear Overalls Over 40

Step 1:  Be at least 40.

Step 2:  Acquire a pair of overalls.

Step 3:  Put overalls on.

Step 4:  Walk around in the world wearing overalls.

Step 5:  Enjoy yourself! Life is too short to worry about what you should or shouldn’t be wearing. If you like it, wear it!

You guys have NO idea how happy that I am that overalls are back. I spent the entire 90’s wearing them. Just ask my husband. This is actually my second pair this time around. I bought some last summer that are lighter and distressed. I wore those suckers PROUDLY around Paris. With Birkenstock sandals. Ha!

I decided to try this pair, because they are a slimmer fit, and as much as I do love the other pair I have to be really careful how I style them or I look less than amazing. These are more flattering, plus there isn’t a hole in the knee. I’m not a big fan of distressed denim. It irks me to pay good money for something that comes with holes it in from the get go.

Where did I wear this? I wore this on Saturday when I was out and about running errands and then over to our friends’ house for dinner. I pretty much skipped all day I was so happy.

Old Navy Skinny Overalls - M.Gemi Ora Flats 2 Old Navy Skinny Overalls - M.Gemi Ora Flats 1

Wearing:  Overalls – Old Navy, Shirt – J. Crew, Bag – Coach (old), Flats – M.Gemi.


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4 thoughts on “How to Wear Overalls Over 40”

  1. I too spend to 90’s in overalls. I loved them so much that I still have a pair that I wear for painting! Thanks for the fresh idea. I’ll be buying a new pair soon.

  2. You are of course 100% right about wearing whatever the heck you want.

    I tried on a pair of overalls last week but couldn’t convince myself that I’d wear them enough. They were black and quite fitted, but I still felt that they added extra weight to my body.

    I think the stripes with the red shoes is fabulous. Really chic without trying.


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