40 + Style I Wore This Spring Work Wear

Black & White Striped Breton | Red Pants

Popping in for a quick hello…

The family and I went on vacation to Florida for spring break last week. It was super relaxing and just what I needed. We went on a few excursions (fishing and sea kayaking), but other than that it was pool, beach, eat, pool, beach, eat, repeat. I didn’t wear make-up or bother to do my hair all week. It was awesome! I posted pictures to my Instagram account. Feel free to follow along with me there, if you don’t already. (Link on the right ——->)

We came home to snow, because Michigan is stupid. Plus, I had the joyous opportunity to drive through a white-out blizzard in Ohio at 2:00 AM. I was terrified that we were going to run off the road and freeze to death. We brought zero winter clothing with us BECAUSE IT IS FREAKING APRIL. Good grief.

I seem to gravitate to outfits with a black, white and red color combination a lot. Why? I don’t know! I suppose I just like it. It’s easy and I know it won’t clash. I like my tried and true.

Where did I wear this? I wore this to work. Pushing the business casual envelope as always!

Black White Striped Shirt - Red Pants 3 Black White Striped Shirt - Red Pants 1Wearing: Shirt – J. Crew Factory, Pants – J. Crew (this color was from this past fall), Bag – Coach (old), Shoes – Rag & Bone (old).


As always, thank you for stopping by! I appreciate all your support and kind words.



2 thoughts on “Black & White Striped Breton | Red Pants”

  1. And of course you have to drive like 13 hours just to get through Ohio with, let me guess, hubby and kids all warm and snug asleep in the car while your hands are cramping gripping the wheel and you’re sweating and cursing? Yeah, been there, done that, while pulling a horse trailer! But, now it’s 40 degrees and muddy here so it’s all worth it!

    1. Seriously! I woke my husband up. I needed another set of eyes and emotional support. I was exhausted at that time. I hate driving through Ohio when the weather is wonderful and in full daylight. This was just a huge drag.

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