40 + Style Spring Work Wear

Navy Blue Sweater | Green Pants | Statement Necklace

Sorry for the radio silence…  Things have been crazy on my end. Last weekend all we did was tote kids to and fro, back and forth, hither and yon. Then the hubs got rear-ended. He’s fine and there was only minor damage to his Jeep, but still. It’s just ONE MORE thing to have to deal with. Blergh. Between baseball games, choir practice, the dentist, the orthodontist and other random doctor appointments for myself, the kids and/or the dog, my head is just spinning. Sometimes it just gets to be too much. You know?

REAL LIFE, MAN.  Real life.

Any hoo… I was able to take a quick snap or two of an outfit I wore to work this week. These are the J. Crew Teddie pants, and I love them. Yes, I have purchased them in several colors, so be prepared to see them often. It’s rare when I find pants that I like, so when I do I buy them in all the colors. Almost.

MGemi Colletto Flats - J Crew Teddie Pants - navy sweater - over 40 fashion blogger - over 40 personal style blogger MGemi Colletto Flats - J Crew Teddie Pants - navy sweater - 40 + fashion blogger - 40 + personal style bloggerWearing: Pants – J. Crew, Sweater – J. Crew, Necklace – J. Crew (old), Shoes – M.Gemi, Bag – Coach (old).


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9 thoughts on “Navy Blue Sweater | Green Pants | Statement Necklace”

  1. You look great! The necklace makes this outfit. My kids are older than your kids so I’ve been through the busy days you’re just entering and came out alive on the other side (barely!). Hang in there!

  2. Right there with you — I recently had to explain to my 8-year-old what a chauffeur is — after referring to myself as one. But you look great — and you get double kudos for pulling that off in the midst of all the shlepping that we parents have to do.

  3. Hello! How tall are you, and is this Teddie pant in the Regular inseam? I just ordered one myself, and I feel like it hits my ankles at an awkward length. Thanks! 🙂

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